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Prime at AMC is a premium cinema format offered by AMC Theatres that offers reclining seats, laser projection and a Dolby Atmos sound system.



  • Pre-Show: We start with the text "WELCOME" on a black background. Then we see a white outlined diamond on a rainy background, which reveals to be a portal to a black and blue world of shapes. We enter the portal diamond to enter the world, as the text "KEEP TRACK OF VALUABLES" appears in half, getting together. We get to experience more of the world, as the text "FIND THE NEAREST EXIT AND WATCH YOUR STEP" appears the same way as the previous text. We stop at a place with very futuristic walls, as the text "PLEASE REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR" appears the same way as the last two texts, as we keep going to reveal a triangle, which is actually a triangle-shaped futuristic tunnel, which turns circle-shaped at the middle. We stop, then move back, then go through the tunnel at hyper speed to reveal a pretty futuristic speaker. We zoom through the speaker, revealing a black windy world. We zoom through a bit, revealing a rectangle that takes us to one final world with small squares. The diamond from before forms, as some of the small squares get attracted to the diamond. We zoom through the diamond, as the Prime at AMC logo appears in black. 2 narrow lights go through "PRIME", as the logo turns white and red, respectively. After some time, we zoom out, as we enter the first world again through a rectangular tunnel, with "COMING SOON". We zoom in to reveal the MPA Trailer screen.
  • 3D Glasses: On a black background, we see a triangle with the text "PUT ON YOUR REALD 3D GLASSES NOW". The triangle turns into a square, taking us to the first world through a square tunnel. We see another triangle that turns into a diamond, and we enter it, taking us to another square tunnel. We come out of the tunnel with a black background to end on.
  • AMC Stubs: On the third world from Prime at AMC, we see a glitchy rainbow circle with the text "THANK YOU". It flips to reveal "FREE LARGE POPCORN REFILL". The circle turns into a rainbow loading circle, with the text "FIVE DOLLAR REWARDS". The circle returns to normal, with "TUESDAY TICKET SAVINGS", then "PREMIERE POPCORN & FOUNTAIN DRINK UPDATES", "EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE MEMBER SERVICE", "WAIVED ONLINE TICKETING FEES", "BIRTHDAY GIFT", "EXCLUSIVE OFFERS EVENTS & MORE", and finally the AMC Stubs logo as the circle disappears. We zoom to the logo while the squares jump.
  • Phone Policy: Various blue rings rapidly zoom out from us into a rotating vertically segmented block background as a light begins to insurge in front of us. We cut to a shot of a thick vertical line spilling into various small cubes which jump. Various digital explosions rock the cubes. Craters made out of cubes throb and flash rainbow as a digital wave forms from a shining sphere. We cut to various more shots of digital explosions and rocking waves which flash vigorously. Flashes from the cubes then orbit around the sphere and get faster and faster until they form a line of rings which fade out. During the end, the text "DON'T RUIN THE MOVIE" is seen.
  • Post-Show Stinger: We zoom across a tan-colored landscape with white glossy orbs attached to them under a dark cloudy sky. The camera pans up and sees a couple of parts of the landscape being pulled out of the ground. The text "IT'S TIME TO GO FURTHER" is seen over a shot of the parts of the ground being pulled out by a giant floating stone orb in the sky. The text fades out for a split-second before the camera cuts to an overhead shot of the ground, then a close-up shot where many rocks, along with particles and dust, are rupturing out from the ground. A shot shows a piece of land (looking like a shore) with rock lines and the glossy orbs from earlier stuck to them. Particles are flying up. We cut to another shot of the glossy orbs being dislodged from the rock and their tops getting pierced. We zoom out from the top of the landscape, revealing it to be on a giant orb. The camera zooms out quickly as a large cloud wave explodes from it. The sides of the orb crack, then the scene changes quickly to a red-tinted environment where a purple light is glowing from a segmented iris. Substances fly by the camera and the environment changes back to where the orb is seen exploding into a thousand pieces. A shot shows some rocks being dislodged as the explosion is seen in the distance. A close up shot shows the glossy orbs exploding as well. The light from the orb segues into a blue-tinted futuristic city setting which the camera zooms across. Once it gets to the end, it turns up and zooms through an array of moving screens and buildings. We zoom through a silver forming tunnel. The end turns into a strong white with a surface below. A bed of clouds surround a rising leather seat colored tan. Another shot shows a cup holder and the reclining controls. Once the seat is fully revealed, the screen blurs and reveals the diamond submerged into a bed of clouds. A large light blue matrix emerges from the diamond and the camera zooms out quickly as a moving silver background occurs inside the diamond. We zoom into the diamond and the PRIME at AMC logo is revealed through a dark shine.
  • Drinks/Post-Show: There is a white bar in a red background. The bar morphs into the iconic Coca-Cola wave logo (without the logo). Then it zooms out to see that it takes place on top of a Coca-Cola cap around some red smoke. Suddenly, a whoosh opens the cap and makes a big splash. It then clears to reveal a Coca-Cola bottle pouring to a glass. It then cuts to different angles before cutting to top view. The bubbles fly away from the drink before flashing to a red world with circles, zooming out, before flashing again to the top view but on a branded cup which actually reveals to be footage of two girls and a boy enjoying Coca-Cola and popcorn, with more people in the background, only faintly seen. It the cuts to the logo's background before "ENJOY THE SHOW" appears via separate diagonal sections. When it does so, the red lights turn off. It then fades to black after a few seconds. When it does so, the Prime at AMC logo fades in, as well as a copyright notice and the current AMC logo, white on a red circle.

Variant: A shortened version of the Post-Show Stinger bumper was shown on their website.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: A very futuristic theme, with futuristic sound effects, as well as an announcer saying the following things:

  • Pre-Show: Rain is heard, and the announcer says "Welcome. Before we begin, a few safety tips. Please keep track of your personal belongings. In case of emergency, walk to the closest exit, and move far away from the building, and please report any suspicious behavior to our theater staff. Now, step into a world, of stunning sights, sizzling sound, and sublime seating, that takes you out of your world, and into ours. Coming soon, to the world of AMC...".
  • 3D Glasses: The announcer says "It's time to put on your 3D glasses, and enter a new dimension, with Prime at AMC.".
  • AMC Stubs: The announcer says "Thank you for choosing Prime at AMC, and to our AMC Stubs members, a very special thanks to you.".
  • Phone Policy: The announcer says "Remember, using devices takes you out of our world.". We continue with the iOS Opening ringtone. He continues, as he says "Please post, talk and text after the show.". Some talking is heard in the middle of the bumper.
  • Post-Show Stinger: The announcer says "It's time to go further, to uncharted worlds, of sizzling surround sound. Escape to another dimension, of stunning sights, and pixel-perfect clarity. Sink into the story, and feel the rumble in our luxorious reserved seating. This is Prime at AMC.".
  • Drinks/Post-Show: The announcer doesn't say anything.

Availabilty: Current. Seen at Prime at AMC theaters. Currently, this can be seen in these states {in alphabetical order): Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

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