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Potato is a TV production company founded in March 2013 by Michael Kelpie and is the factual entertainment subsidiary of ITV Studios.

(September 2, 2013-)

Logo: On a black or white background, a 2D-animated red couch is seen in which a detailed potato with the word "Potato" peeled in falls onto from the top. Following this, the text "Part of ITV Studios" (or "Part of the ITV Studios group") fades in underneath.

Trivia: The concept of the logo is a play on the idiom "couch potato", meaning a lazy person.


  • Sometimes, the bottom notice is replaced with the 2013 ITV logo.
  • Sometimes, it shares the screen with other logos and appears still.
  • A variant exists where the Albert Sustainable Production logo is shown underneath.
  • Starting in 2021, the logo is smaller with the byline now in capital letters reading "PART OF ITV STUDIOS" and appears on either a dimly lit grey or white background.
  • A compressed credits variant exists.

Technique: The potato falling and the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: A boing and then we hear the voice of the actor/actress from their respective TV show saying "Potato!".

Music/Sounds Voice Variants: Here are a few examples listed below:

  • The Chase - Bradley Walsh
  • Winning Combination - Omid Djalili
  • Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries - Sam Faiers
  • Ninja Warrior UK - Ben Shephard, Chris Kamara and Rochelle Humes
  • Go for It - Stephen Mulhern
  • CelebAbility - Iain Stirling

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, either just the boing or the line will be present.
  • The ending theme of the show may play over this logo with the sounds intact.
  • On series 2 of The Big Reunion, we hear a slide whistle and then an alternate boing.
  • Otherwise, it's silent.

Availability: Current and common.

  • Appears on The Chase starting with series 7, series 2 of The Big Reunion as well as the On Tour miniseries, Autopsy: The Last Hours of... and many more.
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