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MGM (2021).png
The 2021 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo. The first to feature an all-CGI lion.

Portal:Film/Selected image/2

Marvel Studios (2018).png
The 10th Anniversary variant of the 2016 Marvel Studios logo

Portal:Film/Selected image/3

The first known logo of Universal Pictures

Portal:Film/Selected image/4

Tcp 1933.png
The logo of Twentieth Century Pictures Inc. The predecessor of the iconic 20th Century Fox tower.

Portal:Film/Selected image/5

The 1981 logo of Columbia Pictures.

Portal:Film/Selected image/6

Walt Disney Pictures (1988).jpg
A logo for Walt Disney Pictures, used in only one film, Return to Snowy River (1988).

Portal:Film/Selected image/7

Warner Bros. Pictures (1976) 'A Star Is Born' (Opening).png
The 1973 Warner Bros. Pictures logo, nicknamed "The Big "W"".

Portal:Film/Selected image/8

Shaw Brothers part 1.png
The 1958 logo of Shaw Brothers, then one of the most influential studios in Asia.

Portal:Film/Selected image/9

The first logo of Pathé.

Portal:Film/Selected image/10

The 1991 logo for Fine Line Features, the specialty movie division of New Line Cinema.

Portal:Film/Selected image/11

Toho space 1940.jpeg
An early Toho logo, 1940.

Portal:Film/Selected image/12

Paramount Pictures(56).jpg
The 1986 Paramount 75th Anniversary Prototype logo, seen on The Golden Child.

Portal:Film/Selected image/13

The logo for the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company, known for producing Charlie Chaplin films.
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