Pornpoj Film

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Logo: On a blue or dodger blue background, we see the scanimate objects zooming in to the screen, then rolls out 4/5 times. It then stops and forming "PORNPOJ FILM" in a Trade Gothic Next-like font, then a black & white film roll is seen when the text turns orange, As it does, the roll of film then make room for the Thai name. The orange/black "PF" is seen rising from the roll of film, and it does, the Thai name zooms out via orange "trailing" effect (a la Soraya Intercine Films logo) which then moves from up to down and down to up, then the trail effects dies down to make a name turns "solid orange" and then make a glowing effect inside the name.

Variant: There is a still variant that was used in 1986.

Technique: A mix of scanimate and traditional animation.

Music/Sounds: An electronic whooshes and a deep flute that enlighten a Warner Bros/44 Movie Picture like fanfare that ends with some increasing whooshes and then ends with a finale.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • There is also a variant with different music and also different sounds.
  • There is even a variant that had a recomposed version of the first music.
  • There is even another variant with a voice-over.

Availability: Rare bordering on scarce. Seen on some movies like Tham Hua Jai Kun Kor Dai, Mae dok kratin, Chompu Kam Namn, Mue Khwar Aar Thamph and Rang Tien.

Legacy: The scanimation for the logo looks nice, but the music sounds like Warner Bros. .

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