Pong Suree Promotion

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Captures by

Video captures courtesy of
M. Đức Ngọc and Martina Kubecová

(1978-February 16, 1989)

Pong Suree.png

Logo: On a black background, we see a live-action diamond zooming in with fireworks. As the fireworks explode and disappear, the diamond stops zooming. The solid yellow hands with "P.S" zooms out, forming the logo and flashes. The company name in Thai zooms out with a trail, flashes itself and the trail disappears.

Technique: A mix of live-action (for the diamond) and cel animation (for the text and the hands).

Music/Sounds: The sparkles, explosions, jet-like sounds, and then the sparkles.

Availability: Rare. Seen on some films like Pho. Tlad Arom and R.D. Riian Di Rak Di.

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