PolyGram Records (Thailand) Ltd.

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Logohub, Davidthelogohunter

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1st Logo (1990s)

Opening Logo: The logo materializes out of black dust over a white background, and consists of "PolyGram" in a bold black font, with the red line underneath it. Below that is "POLYGRAM RECORDS (THAILAND) LTD.". The logo then turns into dust again. The dust morphs into the Thai word "เสนอ" ("presents"). The Thai word then turns into dust and fades out.

Closing Logo: Superimposed over the final scene, we see the PolyGram text (in the same style as the opening logo) in white, sans the line which is still in red.

Technique: Computer animation for the opening logo, none for the closing logo.

Music/Sounds: The opening/closing theme.

Availability: So far, it's seen on the mid-1990s music program MV Variety, which aired on Channel 5.

PolyGram Records (Thailand) Ltd.
Universal Music Thailand
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