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Planeta Junior is a Grupo Planeta and De Agostini company, a European leader in the creation and commercialization of content and entertainment properties for children and young adults. It was formed in 2000, Planeta Junior is present in the major European markets including Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe, where it has offices in Poland and Hungary. In every office, international teams specialize in content distribution, licenses and merchandising, retail and experiences to develop entertainment and lifestyle brands. In 2008, Planeta Junior purchased EM.TV AG (now Studio 100). Planeta Junior produces and represents entertainment content with leading international content creation companies, including ZAG Animation, On Animation, SuperProd, Cottonwood, Studio 100, Animoka, Mobo, and SAMG.

1st Logo (Mid 2003-2015)

Logo: On a space blue background, the camera passes by several warm-colored planets, eventually reaching one with large craters and and colorful letters bouncing around it. They all come together to form the company name while the background crossfades to a yellow background.


  • A short version exists.
  • Fullscreen and widescreen versions exist.
    • A rare version exists where the logo is inside a box on a black background.

Technique: CGI animation by Joan Carles Vendrell.


  • An orchestra-like synth tune with sounds such as whooshes and bouncing heard throughout the logo.
  • A futuristic space music and same sounds as the 1st variant.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • A high-tone version exists on both variants.
  • The short version uses the second music.
  • In other cases, it's the ending theme or none.

Availability: Seen on VHS and DVDs of animated shows such as The Hoobs, Maya The Bee, Sesame Street, Wick the Viking, Johnny Test, Action Man and more.

2nd Logo (2015-)

Logo: On a white background, a black dot bursts and releases multiple small particles. It splits into two circles connected by a line and merge back together. When a thin swirl is drawn, the dot slides along the path while six more dots (one of their halves are red) enter it. The swirl rearranges and the camera zooms in, making some of the dots to fall and the black one half-colored. The line disappears and they all become black and the small ones intersect with the larger dot. The background wipes to a blue-green pattern where more dots are seen floating around. It disappears through a shrinking circular mask and reveals four disks in either black, white, or red spinning around. The camera changes angles and they all combine against a large blue circle, on top of the smaller dot on the top right. The object zooms out to the top left to reveal the company name in bold and a stacked format and the byline "A Planets & De Agostini Company".

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: It starts off with a light burst, followed by a variety of sounds relating to mechanics. The audio ends with a short xylophone jingle. Otherwise, the ending theme of the show plays or none.

Availability: Current.

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