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Pipeline Studios is a Canadian animation studio that produces and animates TV series, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 2007.

(June 1, 2013-)

Logo: In the credits of a show, we see a shiny light blue circle with a black outline inside it. Inside the circle are some dark blue curves. Below this is the stacked text "Pipeline Studios" in black.


  • Still/in-credit:
    • Sometimes, the text is white.
    • There's a white text variant where the word are next to each other instead of stacked.
    • There is also a version where the black outline is white instead.
    • There is a version of the white outline variant where the circle is bigger and the text is smaller.
    • A version exists where the circle is the same shade of light blue as the outline, the curves are black instead of dark blue and the text (which is now on the left and right sides of the circle) is white with black outlines.
    • On Work It Out Wombats, the circle is a bit smaller and the text is not stacked. Here, the text is black with a white outline.
  • Animated:
    • On a black background, we fade in to the curves forming on the circle. The company's name then fades in below in white. The version of the logo here is the one from the 4th still/in-credit version, except the text is stacked and doesn’t have an outline.
    • On a black background, a light blue squid swims up from the bottom left side of the screen to the top middle area and swims in circles twice. At the same time, a circle in the same color as the squid appears and zooms in. The squid then swims away and releases white ink which goes inside the circle and forms the curves and outline. The company's name then appears below in white.

Technique: None for the still versions. CGI for the animated versions.

Music/Sounds: An cartoonish 8-note theme with bubbling sounds or the end theme of the show.

Availability: Common. Appears on Sunny Day. The white text variant appears on Fangbone!, and the white outline version can be found on Nina's World. The variant with a bigger circle is seen on Elinor Wonders Why and Alma's Way. The white text variant with the words next to each other appears on Legend Quest: Masters of Myth. The black curves version was seen on Sidekick and Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion. The Work It Out Wombats variant with the small circle and white outlined text is seen on the eponymous show. The animated versions can be seen on some of the company's videos on Vimeo.

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