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Pilot TV (Pilot TV LLC (ООО "Пилот ТэВэ"), also known as Board Number One LLC/ООО "Борт номер один") was a television division of Pilot Studio (Russia). In 2016 (according to the dates of the last updates to their website which is still up), it went dormant, and in 2017 and 2020, both Board Number One LLC and Pilot TV LLC were liquidated respectively.

1st logo (December 5, 1997-September 4, 1999)

Logo: On a blue-yellow gradient background, the white Pilot TV logo (which is the Pilot Studio logo with "ТВ" written under the T's right stem from "PiLOT") is placed. "телекомпания" and "представляет" are placed on the top and the bottom. The Kolobok/Pilot Brothers run across the screen, and the logo flips into the intro of the program.

Technique: The Kolobok/Pilot brothers running. Animated by the Pilot Studio itself.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare (which is originally taken from the original Investigation Held By Kolobki animated short). The music also segues into the intro.

Availability: Only seen on Чердачок «Фруттис» (The Fruttis Attic).

2nd logo (July 31, 2000-2010)

Logo: On a teal background, we see the transparent Pilot TV logo (with "ТВ" being replaced with "TV"). The cubes with letters that say "ТЕЛЕКОМПАНИЯ" (TELEVISION COMPANY) are flying below the logo. A blue line slowly appears. Later, the logo glows together with the blue line and turns white. The word "представляет" (with spaces) appears and stays until the logo fades out. The word disappears with the same wipe effect.

Technique: A mix of stop-motion and CG done in-house.

Music/Sounds: Same as the first logo, but with a laser-like sound when the logo glows and turns white. It also fades out instead of seguing.

Availability: Was common by the time of its use (given that it was used for 10 years), but nowadays, it's rare. Firstly seen on Тушите свет! (Turn your lights off!). Later, it was seen on some other Pilot TV's programming at the time, such as the later episodes of Spelling Without Errors (Говорим без ошибок). Their output isn't rerun often, but the logo is mostly retained on the reruns of the programs that had it.

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