Picturmedia Collection

From Audiovisual Identity Database

(Early 1980s)

Logo: A blue background spiral-fades into view and ten white lines are drawn into view from the edges. The outer three lines from each side disappear in sequence (leaving four). The title "PICTURMEDIA", in white with a black shadow fades into view between the lines. At the same time, the lines are trimmed to line with the width of the title, while being cut by the words "The" (above) and "Collection" (below). Finally, a two stars sparkle: first at the top of the letter "P", and another at bottom of the letter "D".

Technique: The blue background spiral-fading into view, followed by the lines scrolling into view from the edges, then the titles fading in, and finally the stars that sparkle from the main title.

Music/Sounds: A slow Moog-synth jingle.

Availability: Extremely rare. It was seen on Video Film Organisation tapes underneath this label, so pre-cert tapes of Just Before Dawn, Moonlight County Express, The Old Testament, and The Last Days of Pompeii should have it.

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