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1st logo (1981-1990)

Logo: On a blue background numerous blue and white segmented lines shoot in from the left and right sides of the screen leaving behind a white segmented screen with three blue shadows of birds and the text "PICTURE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL" also in blue beneath. The background becomes solid white.

Technique: The movement of the line segments.

Music/Sounds: A majestic synthesized fanfare.


  • Seen on earlier releases from the company such as UK releases of The Raccoons.
  • It was also seen on a Laserdisc of Queen Rare Live: A Concert Through Time and Space.
  • It also appears on the 1981 UK VHS release of Queen: Greatest Flix and the 1990 UK VHS release of Queen at Wembley as well.

2nd logo (1982-1991)

Logo: We start with an animated shot of a skyscraper-filled city. We then pan left to reveal a field, trees, and mountains. As we zoom up to the sky, we see an orange sun as a flock of birds in a line fashion fly over the sun. The entire screen turns white as the black words "PICTURE MUSIC INTERNATIONAL" in a black serif font appear. The birds appear superimposed over the words.

Variant: One version featured the end product with the company text fading in below.

Technique: The panning of the camera, birds flying, fading.

Music/Sounds: A relaxing new age synth theme with drums as the birds appear.


  • Appeared on Thorn-EMI (HBO) and Sony Video 45 releases of Ready, Steady, Go! and various concert videos such as the 1987 UK VHS release of Queen: Live in Budapest.
  • Also seen on Kate Bush: Live at Hammersmith Odeon, Kate Bush: Hair Of The Hound, Kate Bush: The Single File, and Kate Bush: The Whole Story, among others.
  • This logo was also seen at the start of a June 11, 1995 airing of In Concert: Marillion on UK Gold as well.

3rd logo (1989-199?)

Logo: On a dark teal background narrow grey lines shoot from all four sides of the screen and cross in the middle forming a grey transparent set of letters reading "PMI" which fade out. Then numerous bars are formed and soon disappear from the screen. Six vertical bars and five horizontal ones are drawn in and give way to the set of letters formed earlier in the logo this time in solid blue. A blue bird flies in from the bottom left corner of the screen and dots the "I", "PICTURE MUSIC" in white in a blue rectangle fades in beneath the logo and "INTERNATIONAL" also in white in a blue rectangle fades in beneath the other blue rectangle.

Trivia: This was based on the print logo that was used on earlier releases.

Technique: TBA.

Music/Sounds: A remix of the 2nd logo's theme.


  • Seen on later UK releases such as Kate Bush: The Line, The Cross, & The Curve and Roxette's Live-Ism (known as Roxette: Live In Sydney in some regions).
  • This logo also appears on the Laserdisc re-release of Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder.
  • It also appears on the UK VHS releases of Queen Rare Live: A Concert Through Time and Space, Queen: Greatest Flix II and Queen: Champions of the World, respectively, among many others as well.
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