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This is the vanity card of film producer, co-founder of PolyGram Filmed Entertainment and The Guber-Peters Entertainment Company, and Caddyshack director Jon Peters.

(November 22, 1995-October 5, 2018)

Logo: We zoom out of a gate that is part of a marble wall with engravings of running antelopes. Beyond the gate and wall is a large Art-Deco style cityscape divided into two regions: a nighttime region on the left and a daytime region on the right. As we zoom out, the gate closes, and "PETERS ENTERTAINMENT" can be seen on the archway above the gate. The wall reflects on the floor. A futuristic-looking aircraft flies above the area as the name shines.


  • The print logo appears at the end of Ali.
  • 4:3 prints of films use an open-matte version with more of the scenery visible on the top and bottom.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Either the closing theme of the movie or silence.

Availability: Seen on films from the company, namely Money Train, My Fellow Americans, Rosewood, Wild Wild West, Ali, Superman Returns, Man of Steel and A Star is Born (2018).

Legacy: It's an atmospheric and fancy logo, but the reflection on the floor is not aligned correctly with the wall and the gate. This logo's appearances have been exceedingly scarce, thanks to the sexual harassment charges made towards Peters dating back to 1996, and him eventually losing one of said lawsuits; it only appears on Man of Steel because he was an executive producer (but was still banned from the set by producer Christopher Nolan). It also appears on the 2018 remake of A Star is Born only because of a legal obligation (Peters was attached to the property since the 1970s, and thus director and lead actor Bradley Cooper required his consent to remake the film, though he has stated Peters did not work on set).

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