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Broken Saw


Peacock is an American over-the-top video streaming service owned and operated by the Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. Named after the NBC logo, the service launched on July 15, 2020. The service primarily shows content from NBCUniversal studios and other third-party content providers, including television series, films, news, and sports programming. The service is available in a free ad-supported version with limited content, while premium tiers include a larger content library and access to additional NBC Sports and WWE Network content.

1st Logo (2019, April 15, 2020-2022)

Logo: On a black background, a white circle quickly grows out into a "c", while 5 other c's/rings pop out to the left and right of it, as well as a bar on the right. They quickly form up the text "peacock" in a custom font (named Peacock Sans) via the following methods:

  • The p forms from a drop shape with the point in 7:00 position, before breaking out and dropping a line down.
  • The e starts off as a c, before quickly tilting and drawing its crossbar across the middle.
  • The a is just shown with a bar.
  • The o starts as a c before closing up.
  • The k forms via the bar stretching vertically and fanning out the rest of the lines.
  • The c's are just presented as is.

Then, the logo zooms out slightly as the "p" fully forms as 6 multi-colored dots, arranged like a vertical representation of the NBC peacock's feathers, pop in one-by-one. After a second, the dots fan back as all the letters disappear barring the "p", and then come together as the "p" gains a silver color and bevel effect. The dots then fan back into position, then we fade out.


  • A prototype version was used in 2019 on the preview site. Here, the dots first appear, and then retract before hopping in an arc, revealing the "peacock" name. The dots eventually open back up.
  • A still version exists, either showing normal or inverted colors.

Technique: Simple CGI animation. The branding was done by Loyalkaspar.

Music/Sounds: A soft piano 3-note tune, reminiscent of the NBC chimes, which is followed by soft ambience and the sound of a peacock flapping wings when the monogram forms up. Composed by YouTooCanWoo.

Availability: Current. It can be seen at the beginning of all of their content, while the variants appear on the programs listed.

2nd Logo (June 24, 2022-)

Logo: The Peacock logo, now beveled all over, emerges from the darkness as the dots drop down and appear along with the background brightening up a bit, as the text becomes white and flat, and gains a shadow. Like the previous logo, the dots fan back as all the letters disappear barring the "p", and then come together as the "p" gains a silver color and bevel effect. The dots then fan back into position.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo is still.

Technique: CGI animation. Like the previous logo, this was done by Loyalkaspar.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo, but shortened and remixed, with strings playing the "chimes".

Availability: Current. First seen on Would It Kill You To Laugh? and then on all programming following it.

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