Paycom Multimedia

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Logo: In the black background, we see the silver abstract filmstrip as it flips vertically towards the camera. While the outlined silhouette picture of a man filming with his camera zooms out, leaving trails and cutting the filmstrip out and changes the color to bronze, then the filmstrip zooms towards and through the camera and the silhouette circles to the right and changing the color to black and shading on it appears. The silver background reappears while the gold two-stacked text "Paycom Multimedia" zooms out slowly below the logo.

Technique: The filmstrip flipping, the outline zooming out, cutting the filmstrip out, the filmstrip zooming, the silhouette circling, and changing the color twice, and the company name appearing. Excellent CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A heroic fanfare that sounds like something out of ESPN, followed by two drumbeats with the sound of a sparkling and a synth string chord at the end.

Availability: Found on DVDs and other media from this company.

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