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In June 1997, after Pathé was granted a lottery to produce films in the UK, Guild Pathé Cinema was rebranded as Pathé Distribution. On 12 March 2009, Pathé announced the closure of their UK/Ireland theatrical distribution unit and formed a new partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment UK to handle the theatrical distribution of their titles. The move was made so Pathé UK could focus more on producing the development and production of its own titles instead of acquisitions. The partnership would allow the two companies working together to identify co-production opportunities. Pathé UK would remain as an international sales agent for films, while 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment remained as the home media distributor.

On 1 February 2011, it was announced that 20th Century Fox would take over as Pathé's theatrical distributor. Pathé UK's co-CEO Francois Ivernel deemed it easier for one company to handle the licensing process for both theatrical and home video.

With the purchase of 20th Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company on 20 March 2019, Walt Disney Pictures took over distributing Pathé's material, releasing Misbehaviour and The Human Voice. The deal with Fox/Disney expired on 30 June 2021, and Pathé decided not to renew.

On 7 June 2021, prior to the expiration of the Fox/Disney deal, Pathé UK announced they would revert their distribution back to Warner Bros. Entertainment UK, with the first films being released under the new deal being Parallel Mothers and The Duke. Unlike the 2009 deal, this new deal would also include home video and digital rights as well, which Fox/Disney previously handled.


Logo: Same as 8th Pathé logo.

Technique: Same as 8th Pathé logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as 8th Pathé logo.

Availability: Seen on UK films distributed by them during this period.

Guild Pathé Cinema
Pathé Distribution
Warner Bros. Entertainment UK
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