Park Avenue

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Logo: We fade to the words "PARK AVENUE" in a weird, green font arranged like this:


on an orange background. The screen then flips away to show a black background. After that, many pictures and videos showing erotic and porn scenes including nude women, start flying and flipping all over the place, some of them covering the screen for a moment. The Park Avenue screen flips in and out twice during this. After a whole minute of flipping with porn, the Park Avenue screen flips in once more. We then cut to black.

Technique: Live action and Scanimate.

Music/Sounds: A really choppy-sounding synth theme that sounds more like a track from a bad Commodore 64 game than a porno tune. This is actually a library music track called "Breakthrough", by Mike Vickers from KPM 1155, A Moog for More Reasons. 14 seconds of this track is repeated twice in the logo, the latter of which is extended until the end.

Availability: Extremely rare. Possibly on British porn tapes from the 1980s.

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