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Paramount Comedy was a multinational television network first launched in the 2000s, and eventually 2012 in Russia. On March 1, 2023, the Ukrainian and CIS feeds of the channel rebanded to Comedy Central.



  • Red Square: We see a shot of Moscow, Russia, which includes the Kremlin walls and a road right next to a river. We next see another shot of Moscow, Russia, this time including the Saint Basil's Cathedral. We then see the 1st shot of Moscow, Russia, this time, the camera moving towards the river. The Paramount Comedy Channel logo tends to rise on the river, and as it begins to rise, the camera zooms into the Paramount Comedy Channel logo (the Comedy Central logo with the text replaced with "Paramount COMEDY"). Once it's done, the Paramount Comedy Channel logo floats on the river, while the camera gets back to its position.
  • Train: A train with a Paramount Comedy logo topped at its roof arrives at a metro station. Then, we see an interior shot of the train as we overlook the Ostankino Tower in a window, with Russian text plastered in it. We then see the train with a bridge to find out that the Paramount Comedy logo is its chimney, with another full shot of the tower. We then see the same train in a bridge atop the Moskva River, revealing the logo in its full form.
  • Light: At nighttime, we see a city skyline (which is actually the Moscow International Business Center) with a shadow of the Paramount Comedy logo. The lights go out as the logo lights up letter-by-letter, and the buildings light up again, syncing with the music.
  • Stadium: An overhead shot of Moscow is again seen, this time at a different point at daytime, with the Moscow State University tower visible at one point. We pan to a stadium as the logo rises at the middle of it, trying to escape from the roof. It then rises as it floats above it like a balloon.
  • Fountain: We see a domed US Capitol-esque building with a fountain and a busy road in front of it. The camera focuses to its portico as some birds fly. The camera pans to the right as we see a large Paramount Comedy logo having replaced the fountain. Water shoots out from the now-crashed logo.
  • Battleship: On a harbor with a gray battleship sticking out of the camera, we see many floating Paramount Comedy logos in the sky. The battleship fires one of its guns at one of the logos as one of the logos falls from the sky to crash into a park as sirens of police cars are heard. We then see the logo in the park with a building in front of it, with many people walking in front of it.

Technique: A nice, seamless combination of live-action and CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized rock tune (which was taken from the Comedy Central UK idents from 2009-2012) that plays once the logo appears. All of the variants have sounds corresponding to their actions.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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