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ifrequire and Cinemaster Heavy Industries, Inc.

1st Logo (Mid-Late 1980s)

Logo: From the left of the screen, we see an image flipping up and down as it pans to the right and then towards the center. This picture consists of a unicorn with rainbow ribbons behind it, with "Paradise" and "Visuals" in teal and a fancy font over and underneath the unicorn respectively.

Variants: There is a "Coming Attractions" variant where this text flies from the center and lands on the bottom portion of the screen.

Technique: The flipping of the image.

Music/Sounds: An upbeat synth theme.

Availability: Seen on adult video tapes from this era.

2nd Logo (1986?-1988?)

Logo: On a beach setting at night, one of the palm trees on the island drops a coconut, which is shown to have cracked and splash all over the screen. This reveals "PARADISE VISUALS" in a moving, multi-colored texture with "PRESENTS" in green and a serif font on a yellow background. The logo then cuts to "COMING ATTRACTIONS" with the same multi-colored texture as the company's name.

Technique: Primitive computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A tropical bongo theme for most of the logo. Before this, the sound of waves start off the logo. As the coconut falls to the ground, a boing sound is heard and then spilling when its shell breaks. An announcer says "Paradise Visuals. Coming Attractions. Super!" in German.

Availability: Seen on adult video tapes from this era.

3rd Logo (1989-Late 1990s)

Logo: After the Metro Home Video logo zooms into the camera, "Paradise Visuals Presents" fades in. The company's name is set to a medieval font with the former in pink and the latter in green. "Presents" is set to an italicized Helvetica font in white and contains a shadow effect..

Technique: The text fading into the pre-existing footage.

Music/Sounds: The last several seconds of Metro Home Video's music.

Availability: Seen on adult video tapes from this era.

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