Panorama Pictures

From Audiovisual Identity Database

(Late 1980s-Early 1990s?)

Panorama Pictures.png

Logo: We fade onto a live-action footage of clouds with a blue mirror floor under it. A few shapes can be seen shifting out as they rotate, the shapes are: A grey rectangle, a light grey rectangle with three small squares spaced out, which then later change to white, and a thick, black outlined rectangle with the bottom in the shapes of a "cheap" mountain. The two shapes that are in front of the thick outlined rectangle fade out, as a yellow glowing red circle rises from the center in front of it. The yellow glow fades out, and the outsides of the thick outlined rectangle are filled in blue from the fading. The text "PANORAMA" with the borders animating in both black and white zoom out, as it gets placed under the three squares, and it turns to black. Then, "PICTURES" fades in under it. The whole logo fades out later.

Technique: Some really good animation from that era.

Music/Sounds: The music track "Technoholic 2" from the Sonoton library, which was also heard in the Stardust logo.

Availability: Very rare, this appeared on a VHS tape called, Big Hell Verdy, The.

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