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Pan-Canadian Film Distributors was founded in 1978 by Garth Drabinsky and Nat Taylor, the founder of Cineplex Corp. (later Cineplex Odeon). In 1986, Cineplex Odeon launched Cineplex Odeon Films and Cineplex Odeon Home Video, both of which supplanted Pan-Canadian.



Logo: We start out with Moraine Lake at Banff National Park at night. The sun then rises up, causing it to turn brighter. As this happens, we zoom out to a circle on a black background. After this, the word "Pan-Canadian" in the Windsor font fades in, then "PRESENTS", cheaply inserted, appears.

Technique: The zoom-in, and the sun.

Music/Sounds: A dark trumpet fanfare with a harp glissando at the end.

Availability: Appeared on Canadian prints of Cannon films and Embassy films, among others, but it is extremely rare. It can also be found on Canadian copies of The Amateur, Reno and the Doc, Bedroom Eyes, and The Killer Instinct, among others. It was also seen on the Vestron Video release of Tribute.

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