PRT Elektronik Video Film

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Logo: On a black background filled with blue stars, we see two parts of a yellow atom zooming and flipping in. When it gets close enough, the words "VIDEO" and "FILM", glowing multiple colors, appear on the left and right respectively, and "PRT Elektronik", in the same glowing colors, appears below. The atom stops flipping, and round borders appear around "VIDEO" and "FILM". The atom has lightning bolts around the insides of the loops (there are eight of them in total), "PR" is written on the inside of the top loop and a "T" is on the inside of the bottom loop.

Technique: The flipping and wiping.

Music/Sounds: A rising synth jingle that sounds like that of Key Video and K-Tel Video.

Availability: May be seen on old Swedish PAL tapes.

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