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The Ouya was an Android microconsole that began development by Julie Uhrman, Yves Behar and Muffi Ghadiali in 2012. It was funded via Kickstarter and became the second-highest-earning project in its history, gaining $8.5 million. Units shipped to Kickstarter funders in March 28, 2013. On June 25, 2013, the Ouya was released to the public for $99. However, after release, the Ouya would prove to be a commercial failure, with common criticisms for the console including problems with lag, poor build quality and connectivity issues among many more issues. The failure of the console led to it being discontinued only two years after it was officially released, though Razer, Inc. would continue to provide support for the console until June 25, 2019, which was when the console's online accounts, online services and storefronts were all shut down, effectively rendering the console unusable on an official capacity.

(2012, June 25, 2013-June 25, 2019)

Logo: On a black background, we see a red-orange line. Then, a red circle rises from the line, forming the O. It moves to the left as "UYA" draws itself in. The logo then flashes to red, and then the background turns red.

Technique: The forming of the logo.

Variant: There is a version where the BG is white, the Ouya logo is black, and the flare is blue. This variant has the flare simply disappears instead as it fades to black.

Music/Sounds: A deep warbling note, then a voice chanting the console's name.

Availability: Seen when an Ouya is turned on.

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