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Our Time Family Entertainment was a short-lived pre-school and family-oriented banner of Funimation.


Our Time Family Entertainment (2004).webp

Logo: On a white background, we see a blue circle containing a yellow human figure hugging a smaller blue one. It moves back a bit to the left side of the screen as the letters "ur time", which are blue but also yellow in overlapped sections (a la Lyrick Studios), drop down, forming "Our time" (with the circle of figures serving as an "O"). The text "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT" wipes from left to right underneath "Our time", as well as the company's online URL at the bottom of the screen and at the same time, and

Technique: Simple animation.

Music/Sounds: A xylophone theme followed by twinkles & 4 note synth strings.

Availability: This can be seen on pre-school-oriented DVDs and VHS tapes from Funimation. This label was as mentioned, short-lived, so not many releases have it.

  • Such examples include Connie the Cow, Noel Noel, and later releases of Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland and Arthur (before distribution moved to WGBH Home Video and then PBS Distribution).
  • Canadian-based Nelvana shows such as Timothy Goes to School, Elliot Moose, Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse, and The NeverEnding Story have this as well.
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