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Телеканал Куй-Тб, Starlight Media, and Boniks Ua


Otse (formerly QTV and Kuy-TB) is an Ukrainian entertaining channel based on old programming from ICTV, New Channel, and UA:Pershiy. Formerly it is the kids channel, and more earlier, adult channel.

1st Logo (2008-2015)

Logo: On the orange background, we see the grudgingly-drawed yellow-orange TV. It flies with the hammer. Hammer breaks the TV, and background became white with orange lines around. The block with "TB" in Ukrainian or "TV" appears. Under it, we see the bar. Bar breaks too, and reveals "КУЙ-ТБ" ("QTV" later). URL address "WWW.QTV.UA" appears below.

Technique: Hammer and TV flying made with CG, screen breaking, background changing with special effect; word revealing. Not so dated animation.

Music/Sounds: The strange techno sound at the beginning, then the breaking sound, followed by synth (8-bit resembling) drone with small echo at the end.

Availability: Common at the past, but now extinct. Check your old Ukrainian recordings.

Legacy: The sudden appearance and breaking combined with strange music will scare some, but it's a clean logo.

2nd Logo (2015-2017)

Logo: There are many variants, but it's still the animated abstract "Q" in grungy font.

Variants: TBA.

Technique: Animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Logo (2017- )


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