Oscilloscope Laboratories

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Oscilloscope Laboratories is an independent film distribution company started by Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch and former THINKfilm executive David Fenkel. It also has a recording studio and film production facilities. Fenkel returned to the company on May 4, 2012 following Yauch's death. As of August 2012 Fenkel has left the company, which is now headed by David Laub and Dan Berger.

(October 17, 2008-)

Logo: As we fade to the black/midnight blue/fern nebula in the starfield (a la Space Ghost Coast to Coast), the rusty circular oscilloscope fades in and slowly backs out, while the green line moves inside. When the droning synth increases in frequency cutoff, rusty "OSCILL" and "SCOPE" blurs in and zooms out, serving the oscilloscope as the letter O in "OSCILLOSCOPE". After that, the word "LABORATORIES" fades in below.


  • There is a Christmas variant where the oscilloscope wears a Santa Claus hat.
  • There is also a variant without the "LABORATORIES" word.

Technique: The oscilloscope, the appearance of the words.

Music/Sounds: A wobbling synth bass.

Availability: Appears on films from the company, such as We Need to Talk About Kevin and Buzzard.

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