One Potato, Two Potato

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Descriptions by
Juniorfan88 and Gilblitz112

Captures by
Juniorfan88 and Gilblitz112

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Video captures courtesy of
ClosingLogosHD and LogicSmash


One Potato Two Potato is a production company established by Optomen with its New York-based subsidiary Optomen Productions, Inc. in conjunction with chef personality Gordon Ramsay. The company is now a subsidiary of All3Media after Optomen was acquired by said company in August 2010.

(October 24, 2008-)

Logo: We see a black background where the word "Potato" (set in the same font from the Optomen logo) is shown in magenta first, and is slightly moved down. Then the word "Two" appears in identical colors as the word "Potato" and is moved down slightly like the previous word in a vertical or list pattern. After the word "Two" gets done animating, then comes the words "Potato" and "One" in the exact same animated motion as the previous two except the color of the text or lettering of "Potato" & "One" is eggplant instead of magenta. While the letters are being present, one of Gordon Ramsay's daughters, Matilda "Tilly" Ramsay, says the word in a singalong style "One Potato, Two Potato" (a nod to the children's game Hot Potato). After the voice and the colorful text are done, the word "company" all-of-a-sudden appears from the void down on the bottom, and the words based on the corporation "an all3media" shows up, but more transitionally in a swirl/connecting letter pattern again on the bottom, forming the byline.


  • Sometimes, the respective colors of the words might be dark purple and medium red violet.
  • On some Channel 4 productions, such as Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live and Gordon's Great Escape, the logo (sometimes with an "in association with Optomen" credit) is placed on the left, and the text "for Channel 4" fades in below the logo, as well as a copyright text saying "©One Potato Two Potato Ltd [YEAR]".
  • On Gordon's Christmas Cookalong: Get Ready, the logo on a white background.
  • The logo may be still.
  • A somewhat-early version of the logo has the words shifted up higher. Then, the former All3Media logo/byline fades in below the words, instead of having its own animation.
  • Sometimes, the All3Media byline is absent.

Technique: The moving and transitioning of words.

Music/Sounds: We hear Matilda Ramsay's voice saying the company name.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, it's the closing theme of the show, or silent.
  • On Hotel Hell, after Tilly says the company name, we hear laughter that sounds menacing (presumably from Gordon Ramsay). Sometimes, the laughter is replaced by a lion roar.

Availability: Common, can be seen seen on newer episodes that are hosted by Gordon Ramsay which include MasterChef (US version), MasterChef Junior, Kitchen Nightmares (US version), and Hotel Hell. Can also be seen on Food Court Wars on Food Network.

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