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This is Lakeshore Entertainment's digital subsidiary.

(April 10, 2018-)

Logo: We start with the standard 1997 Lakeshore logo. When it's finished, a hand holding a can of black spray paint suddenly comes in and sprays over most (but not all) of the logo. The hand then peels off the logo, revealing it has sprayed a stencil of the jumping boy from the logo on a white wall background, and the camera pans out a little to show the stenciled boy is positioned to the right of the text "OFF THE DECK", which is in a stenciled army-like font.

Technique: The original logo animating, the hand appearing and tearing it off (which is live-action and likely chroma-keyed), and the camera panning away from the sprayed wall (which is likely CGI).

Music/Sounds: Starts out with silence, then after the Lakeshore logo is done animating, we can hear a paint can being shaken, and then the can spraying over the logo once the hand appears, followed by a tearing sound effect.

Availability: Current, seen on Cover Versions.

Legacy: A unique and especially well-done redo of a familiar logo.

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