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MWM Studios (Madison Wells Media), formerly known as OddLot Entertainment, is an American diversified entertainment company founded by Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete in 2001 (it didn't get an onscreen logo until 2005). In 2015, OddLot Entertainment was reorganized to MWM (strangely they kept the OddLot onscreen logo until Summer 2017), and it was founded by Gigi Pritzker and Clint Kisker to produce film, television, live theater, podcasts, and interactive experiences.

OddLot Entertainment

(September 9, 2005-July 21, 2017)


  • Normal version: The logo starts in the CinemaScope ratio. The camera moves through clouds to reveal a desert surface. The camera moves quickly around a tree that is seen on one of the dunes but with a big distance, and a box outline appears around the tree, turning the logo into 16:9. "OddLot" is seen above the box with "ENTERTAINMENT" below.
  • Ominous version: The box takes a larger part of the screen, "Dark" replaces "Odd" and the logo turns into in nighttime with a moon once the box zooms out. The leaves on the tree suddenly change into bats that fly off.


  • On Cinemascope films, the ratio doesn't change once the box zooms out.
  • On The Spirit and Green Street Hooligans 2: Stand Your Ground, the DarkLot variant is shown but with "Dark" replaced by "Odd".
  • Starting with Mortdecai, the animation is enhanced with a different tree with a glass box that flashes and flips around to reveal a print version of the tree with a line with the same "OddLot" name with "ENTERTAINMENT" in a different font and outside the glass box some clouds are seen moving.
  • On season 1 of Genius named Einstein, it shares the screen with the EUE/Sokolow Entertainment logo. Also, the logo is sped up.

Technique: CGI by Brian Castleforte and Greg Reynard for Kaleidoscope Films.

Music/Sounds: A humming theme with a single bell, accompanied by whooshes when we pass the dunes, a thunder sound when the leaves transform, bats squeaking, and a creak. It's just merely the humming for the normal version.

Availability: The OddLot version is common and can be seen on Green Street, Draft Day, From Prada to Nada and Suburban Girl, among others. The DarkLot version used to be more common but is nowadays rather rare, and only appeared on Buried Alive, Undead or Alive and Living Hell. The DarkLot/OddLot version is also rare, and it only appeared on The Spirit and Green Street Hooligans 2: Stand Your Ground.

MWM Studios

(April 24, 2018- )

Logo: On a dark blue background, we see a cyan stylized "M", with a reflection of various people walking inside it, and "MADISON WELLS MEDIA" underneath. Some other larger "M" and "W" shapes zoom out, with the text fading out, and the camera stops zooming out as the shapes fade out, with the exception of the inner three, which then flies to the left and turns into white to make way for "STUDIOS".


  • On the end of some films and The Dragon Prince, the logo is white on a black background.
  • On season 2 of Genius named Picasso, the animation is different, here we see a black and blue starry background with the lines drawing the MWM logo, then the word "STUDIOS" appears from the left.
    • A variant beside the EUE/Sokolow Entertainment exists.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Current. Seen on 21 Bridges, My Spy and Motherless Brooklyn and the television series The Dragon Prince.

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