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NuTech Digital (formerly known as NuTech Entertainment) was an American corporation founded in 1993; that translates, packages, and dubs hentai, pornography, concerts, and anime. When sued by Ken Groove Media after moving away from distribution of animation to focus on producing and distributing music concerts, the rights of 34 titles were transferred to Adult Source Media. Later on, after NuTech purchased Jump Communications assets which were valued at $3.7 million with the intention of expanding their market and to better compete in the telecommunications market later in 2007, the company later became Interlink-US-Network, Ltd. As a result, all of its hentai have been relicensed by other companies.

NuTech Entertainment


Logo: On a space background, we see 2 globes spinning and connecting with their opposite surfaces together. They shine with a yellow light and, a black curved ribbon with "NuTECH Entertainment" in yellow, wipes above the pictures. A copyright stamp can be seen below.

Technique: Early CGI.

Music/Sounds: A ethereal synth tune with a piano flourish.

Availability: Can be seen on early releases, mainly karaoke releases.

NuTech Digital Inc.


Logo: On a black background, two golden streaks come hurtling from the middle of the screen where they continue to fly around. Then, something emitting a shine suddenly soaring from behind. As it comes closer, the flash ceases where it is revealed to be a DVD disc. The streaks then merge to form what it appears to be similar to an atomic whirl in grey along with another shine which reveals

Digital, Inc.

flying towards us with flames in the same color as the text before disappearing. The text itself stop as well as the disc tilting on its left side.

Technique: Entirely CGI.

Music/Sounds: A cool orchestral tune plus some sound effects.

Availability: Can be seen on their releases, mainly adult releases, but the company did occasionally release non-pornographic material.

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