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Noggin LLC (often branded as Noggin Originals) is the original production arm of the children's brand Noggin. The brand was originally launched as a cable channel by Viacom and Sesame Workshop in 1999. Since 2015, Noggin has been a streaming service.

The Noggin brand originally targeted both preschoolers and pre-teens. In 2002, the network moved its older-skewing shows to a nighttime block called "The N" and devoted all of its daytime lineup to preschoolers. The original channel was closed in 2009 and replaced with the Nick Jr. Channel, but in 2015, the Noggin brand was relaunched in its current state as a streaming service. Since 2020, original series have been produced for the Noggin streaming service, including Kinderwood and Noggin Knows.

1st Logo (June 6, 1999-September 9, 2001)

Logo: On a blurred stop-motion background, Phred hops around on a pickle that is on top of a purple Noggin logo. Below the logo, white copyright text scrolls up until it disappears. The Noggin logo gets bigger after the copyright text leaves.


  • The background and copyright text are different for certain episodes.

Technique: Phred hopping from side to side, and the Noggin logo getting bigger after the copyright text scrolls away.

Music/Sounds: Phred's feet make "doink" sounds as he hops on a pickle like a seesaw. The same singers from the Phred theme song say "Don't forget to check out the next Phred on your Head Show!" Finally, a piano riff closes out the show.

Availability: Extinct.

  • It only appeared on The Phred on Your Head Show.

2nd Logo (October 25, 1999-October 1, 2002)

Logo: On a dark blue background, we see the Noggin logo with nothing on top. What appears to be a drill pops up on top of the logo and comes out, revealing itself to be part of a lightbulb (the logo's face shuts its eye and grits its teeth once this happens). To the face's surprise, the logo turns upside down and lights up (turning the background yellow), and the face smiles. The letters in the logo rearrange themselves to be right-side up, and "ORIGINAL" appears below.


  • This was also used as a short bumper, but the word "ORIGINAL" (and the copyright notice) are removed.
  • Sometimes, there isn't a copyright notice.

Technique: The lightbulb unscrewing itself from the Noggin logo, the background, the Noggin logo spinning, the letters rearranging. Directed and animated by Julian Grey at Head Gear Animation.

Music/Sounds: A "screwing" sound and the face grunting as the lightbulb piece appears, followed by the face exclaiming in surprise when the logo flips upside down, and a "desert"-like theme, accompanied by various sound effects, which include the word "Noggin" being spoken in a somewhat nasal voice. The sounds are accompanied by the closing theme of the show on A Walk in Your Shoes.

Music/Sounds Trivia: The "Noggin" sound clip has been used in a couple of Noggin IDs.

Availability: Extinct.

  • It appeared on Sponk!, the first season of Play with Me Sesame, and the first two seasons of A Walk in Your Shoes. Post-2002 reruns of A Walk in Your Shoes usually replaced this logo with The N Originals, which had the same Noggin LLC copyright text.
  • It was edited out on Sprout reruns of Play With Me Sesame. DVD releases and international airings of Play with Me Sesame also lack this logo.

3rd Logo (April 7, 2003-August 10, 2007)

Logo: Against a blue sky over a field of dirt, we see the Noggin logo and light rays coming from behind it. A tree quickly grows on it, with fat little birds approaching and a banner with "ORIGINAL" on it appearing.

Variant: On Oobi, a copyright notice fades in under the logo.

Technique: Animation by Andrew Riss.

Music/Sounds: A whistling theme with drums. The music in this logo and the next two were originally created for Noggin's 2002 refresh.

Availability: Extremely rare.

  • Last seen on airings of Oobi and the American version of Miffy and Friends, as well as the Netflix print of Miffy and Friends. The Noggin streaming app and Paramount+ prints of Oobi keep the logo. Sony Wonder DVD releases of the latter keep the logo as well, but it's unknown if this logo appeared or was removed on the PBS airings of the show, and it probably might not have been seen on KRO airings.
  • Also seen on the American English dub of Tweenies and American airings of Connie the Cow.

4th Logo (2003-2004)

Logo: On a light green background with spinning circles, we see the Noggin logo with a swirl, a bouncing ruler with gears on top of it and a polka-dotted cone playing like a horn. An "i" that looks like a cat's nose, an "l", an "O", and the rest of the text in "OrigiNal" come out of the horn.

Technique: The cone playing like a horn, the text moving into position, and the circles in the background.

Music/Sounds: A horn/ukulele tune with a few drums in the background.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on Season 2 of Play with Me Sesame, but is edited out on Sprout airings. The show is no longer in reruns and the DVD releases (distributed by Genius Products and Warner Home Video) omit this logo.

5th Logo (April 5, 2005-January 9, 2010)

Logo: On a white background, we see the Noggin logo with something on top of its head, depending on the show (see the variants below).

Variants: There were 3 variants used.

  • Pinky Dinky Doo (season 1): The logo is in purple. On top of it, we see a drawing of some yellow and pink skyscrapers, and the CBeebies logo is under it.
  • Pinky Dinky Doo (season 2): The logo is in blue and smaller than usual. A drawing of a blue bird is seen on top of it. The CBeebies and Discovery Kids Latin America logos are also seen above this logo.
  • The Upside Down Show: The logo is in neon red with three blue gears on top of it (a medium-size dark blue gear with a small gear floating above it on the left, and a big sky blue gear on the right). Copyright information is seen below.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Rare. Seen on The Upside Down Show and Pinky Dinky Doo (the show keeps the logo until 2010). However, HBO/HBO Max prints of the latter edit this logo out.

6th Logo (September 12, 2005-October 13, 2007)

Logo: On the Jack's Big Music Show credits background (a yellow and cream-striped background), we see the Noggin logo on the left with a record player crank on its right side and a record player horn on the head. As the crank turns, some birds fly out of the horn, holding a white ribbon reading "ORIGINAL".

Technique: The objects coming out of the horn.

Music/Sounds: A banjo strum, then a shrill, high-pitched 5-note flute tune.

Availability: Rare.

  • Preserved on reruns of Jack's Big Music Show until 2014, the Jack's Big Music Show: Let's Rock! DVD, and episodes on the Noggin streaming app until they were removed in 2020.

7th Logo (May 28, 2021-)

Logo: On a bluish-purple background we see the text "nog i , as two live-action hands put a "g" and "n" into place, completing the word "noggin" (in a modified Litebulb font).

Technique: The hands coming in and out of frame and the blue blocks turning into letters.

Music/Sounds: A short jingle.

Availability: Current.

  • Seen on the first season of Noggin Knows. This logo was kept intact when Noggin Knows aired on the Nick Jr. Channel during the "Noggin Presents" block in mid-2021.

8th Logo (2021-)

Logo: On a purple background, the words "made by noggin" ("noggin" in a modified Litebulb font) appear, alongside some squiggles, a heart shape, a music note, and a lightning bolt symbol.

Technique: The symbols around the logo switch colors.

Music/Sounds: A short jingle.

Availability: Current.

  • Seen on episodes of Yoga Friends and School of Yum.
  • Also seen on several original music videos within the Noggin streaming app, such as "Like Nobody Else."
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