Noga Communications

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Video captures courtesy of
dylan fagan and Michal Kochanovski


Logo: On a space galaxy background, we see a little girl staring at a planet-like object that spins above her. Then, the girl reaches her hand to touch it. While she does this, the camera zooms out to show that she is standing on a planet. The object then zooms towards her slowly. Then, a flash is seen below the planet the girl is standing on, which then makes the words "NOGA" with four dots that space it out and "COMMUNICATIONS" in a semicircle-like bend appear. Then the camera freezes.


  • This logo was created by Arik Boas Animation.
  • According to this page (the text is in Hebrew and you must find a translation to find the content), the girl on the planet is actually an actress named Amit Yarkoni.

Variant: Sometimes the company's name will appear in Hebrew on some shows.

Technique: Mostly live action.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy tune along with the girl saying "Noga" along with a harp and a ding when the company name appears. Sometimes a different girl says the line.

Availability: Seen on Israeli children's shows produced at the time.

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