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Nirco VCD is a local home video company located in Gampengrejo, Kediri Regency, East Java, specialized in recording public events into VCD format.


Nirco VCD.png

Logo: In front of a red room with black bordering, we see a steel vault door that opens to reveal a wall with the company's name, outlined in white and in a purple-yellow gradient, above text, in Brush Script Regular and blue and also outlined in white, which in turn is above two pieces of white text, in Monotype News Gothic Bold Condensed, listing outlet locations for the company and their phone number. After a brief moment, the wall disappears in a spiral that quickly flies up and lands to form a silver bar with the cyan, black-outlined word "Mempersembahkan". After another brief moment, a roll-up stand then flies in from the left to the right and assembles itself before displaying a red-blue gradient banner that has the name and information of the video: in the case of the capture above, "Acara Walimatul Khitan" above the cyan title "FERI CANDRA PRASYO", which in turn is above pieces of smaller white text reading "Putra Bpk. MALIK", "Wonocatur - Gampengrejo" and, further below, "31 Juli 2008". We then zoom into the banner and remain there for the remainder of the logo's runtime.

Technique: Computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An edited version of the 1997 20th Century Fox fanfare that repeats the drumroll three times.

Availability: Ultra rare, since many of their VCDs are only distributed to families living in the Kediri Regency region.

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