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Nippers was an imprint of the Contender Entertainment Group that released products aimed at a pre-school audience. The imprint was discontinued in 2004.

1st Logo (2000-2001)

Logo: On a white background, a cream piece of lined paper pans to the middle of the screen. A pencil writes the word Nippers in red, with 2 lines between the "ip" and "er". After it writes, the pencil faces the the 2 "P's" and the writing part of the pencil side sparkles and freezes. A black registered trademark symbol appears on top of the "s".

Technique: The paper moving and the writing.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy-sounding tune.

Availability: Appears on various pre-school releases from Contender, like CITV Favourites for Under 5's.

2nd Logo (2001-2004)

Logo: On a white background with a red box underneath, 2 N's, 1 large capital N in purple, and 1 little n in blue with arms, both having eyes appear from the left and right respectively. The little "n" does a flip and a jump, which causes the larger "N" to gain a smile. The red cursive text "Nippers" appears on the top, circling them. Afterwards, the text and red box move with the text becoming white and gaining a registered trademark symbol on it alongside the N's zooming in a bit. Afterwards, the website link appears through an effect by appearing through the right.

Variant: On the Nippernet website, the animation is animated differently in Adobe Flash and "Nippernet" replaces "Nippers".

Technique: Nice looking 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A bouncy tune and a weird cheer of sorts from the little "n".

Availability: This also appears on pre-school releases from Contender, with their logo following before this one.

  • On later releases, this would appear on the VHS label, but not on the feature itself.
  • DVD releases do not feature this logo at all, despite once again, appearing on the packaging.
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