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Nickelodeon Studios was a television studio in Universal Studios Florida that also served as an attraction in the park, allowing kids to attend tapings of Nickelodeon's game shows. The first program taped there, Super Sloppy Double Dare, was taped in Spring 1989, with the attraction fully opening on June 7, 1990. The attraction, while initially very popular, began to decline in the 2000s as Nick began slowly shifting their live-action output to closed-set sitcoms and moving filming to Nickelodeon on Sunset in Hollywood. The final show taped there, Nickelodeon Splat!, finished taping on August 17, 2004, with the attraction permanently shutting down on April 30, 2005 and was replaced by Blue Man Group, but closed years later.

1st Logo (July 1990-2003)

Logo: We see a realistic coloring of a side view of the front of Nickelodeon Studios (that looks like it was done with a different-colored pencil), including the slime fountain. Around the building, there is a hot pink line. We then fade to a front view of the building, with the Universal Studios globe visible next to it. The entire picture "wiggles" throughout.

Technique: The picture "wiggling" and the cross-fade effect.

Music/Sounds: An voiceover saying "This show/[TITLE OF SHOW] was/is recorded/produced/taped (in front of/before a live studio/live audience) at/in Nickelodeon Studios (in Orlando) at Universal Studios Florida/in Orlando, Florida". On some shows such as GUTS, the ending of the show's theme plays as well.


  • Gullah Gullah Island: Ron, Natalie, or one of the child stars from the show.
  • Allegra's Window, Nick Arcade, GUTS, Roundhouse, Weinerville: Various voiceovers.
  • Clarissa Explains It All: Either Melissa Joan Hart or an actor from the show.
  • Gamefarm: A robotic voiceover.
  • Take the Picture, Family Double Dare, Roundhouse, Super Special Double Dare, What Would You Do?: Various voiceovers.
  • Fifteen: Probably Laura Harris.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On a Russian airing of a Noah Knows Best episode, there was no announcer and only the end theme of the show could be heard.
  • On another Russian airing of Noah Knows Best, an voiceover says the monologue in Russian.
  • On Allegra's Window, the music and child giggling from the Nick Jr. Productions logo can be heard as a voiceover says the ending monologue.
  • Sometimes on Gullah Gullah Island, there is no music.
  • On Roundhouse, a child giggles after the ending monologue. On some episodes, someone says "Shut up!"
  • On Weinerville, a "Woo!" can be heard near the end.

Availability: Rare. It can be seen on almost any show recorded from Nickelodeon Studios in the early 1990s such as Nick Arcade, What Would You Do?, and GUTS, among others. This can be also seen on any Nick Jr. show recorded from Nickelodeon Studios, including Gullah Gullah Island and Allegra's Window when they were rerun on Nick Jr. (formerly Noggin). It is currently seen on Paramount+.

2nd Logo (1990-1997?)

Logo: Same as the previous logo, but it's live action instead. Most of the time, the Universal globe is bigger and Nickelodeon Studios is further away from it; it is possible that this happened as a result of the Nickelodeon facade being taped at a different angle.


  • In the first variant, we see the side view of the studio, with the slime geyser, like the previous logo, but as we fade into the front, the camera slowly zooms out until it's showing the globe. This is one of two variants that was shot on a sunny day. This can be seen on Clarissa Explains It All, Get The Picture, Eureeka's Castle, Hi Honey, I'm Home! and Welcome Freshman.
  • On Make the Grade, Family Double Dare and Outta Here!, the first shot zooms down to reveal the studio's facade, before the globe scene. This is one of many variants where the sky is overcast.
  • On Make the Grade, a picture of Nickelodeon Studios from the left is shown before the scene with the Nickelodeon Studios building and the Universal Globe, which is closer to the camera than normal. The sky in the background is also overcast, and three people can be seen walking by in the distance. The logo freeze frames at the end.
  • Another variant has the view of Nickelodeon Studios shot on another cloudy day. But this time, the clouds are darker which makes it look like it's about to rain. This was spotted in one episode of Hi Honey, I'm Home! and Eureeka's Castle.
  • Sometimes a copyright notice is shown on the bottom.
  • There was a variation on My Brother & Me, Allegra's Window, Welcome Freshman, Nickelodeon's All Star Challenge and Legends of the Hidden Temple in which we zoom to the studio sign on top of the center production building before cutting to the scene with Nickelodeon Studios and the Universal globe. This time, the sky is a lot brighter and is blue just like the first variant, but it looks like it was shot on a bright sunny day instead, just like the original variant.
  • All That and Kenan & Kel had a shot of the camera approaching the front of the studios on the ground (with the All That version showing a portion of the Slime Geyser), before fading into the globe shot.
  • One version seen on What Would You Do? had a shot of the lawn in front of the Nickelodeon Studios, as lots of kids began running toward it, before it fades to the globe shot. One version was just this with a small copyright stamp in the corner. This was also used in a few Universal Studios Florida commercials from the 1990s.
  • Another variant had the globe zoomed out more but also had three people in the distance and a dark overcast sky. This can be found on a YouTube video called Where Nick Was Made on NickSplat's YouTube channel. It's unknown if it appeared on any shows.
  • The opening to Global GUTS featured an overhead shot of the studio's facade.

Technique: Live action footage.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.


  • Think Fast, Family Double Dare, Get the Picture, Hi Honey, I'm Home!, What Would You Do?, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Nickelodeon's All-Star Challenge, All That: Various voiceovers.
  • Welcome Freshman, Fifteen, Nick Arcade, Roundhouse: Various voiceovers.
  • Kenan & Kel: Kenan Thompson.
  • My Brother and Me: Various child stars.
  • Allegra's Window: Kathryn Mullen (Allegra's puppeteer), Noel MacNeal (Rondo's puppeteer), or an unknown woman.
  • Christmas at Eureeka's Castle: Cheryl Blaylock (Eureeka's puppeteer).

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Weinerville, a "Woo!" can be heard near the end.
  • After they say the monologue on the VHS tape Allegra's Window: Small Is Beautiful, Woofer says "Thanks, Tweeter!" "No problem!" Tweeter replies.
  • On at least one episode of Allegra's Window, there is no voiceover.
  • On one Eureeka's Castle special and sometimes on Legends of the Hidden Temple, there is no music.
  • Before the Chauncey Street Productions, Inc. logo appears on some shows, there is no voiceover.

Availability: Same as the previous logo. This logo appeared on some shows prior to 1995, such as Get the Picture, but didn't become the main logo until 1995.

  • All episodes of the Clarissa Explains it All season 1 DVD retain this logo. It was also seen on All That and Kenan & Kel on TeenNick's former late night block NickRewind and now on Paramount+.
  • The running version was seen on Real Mature, a Nickelodeon-produced sketch show that aired as a special on ABC in 1991, and the pilot episode of All That (the running footage was also seen in some Nickelodeon promos of the time).
  • It only appeared on Allegra's Window after Season 1 episodes, with episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 cutting to black after the Nick Jr. Productions logo.
  • It may have last been seen on Season 2 of Kenan & Kel. All post-1997 shows taped at Nickelodeon Studios use the previous logo instead.
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