Nickelodeon "Coming Up Next" Bumpers

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1st Logo (1985-July 3, 1986)

Logo: On a black-periwinkle gradient background, multiple Nickelodeon logos with varying shapes scroll from left to right. The shapes include:

  • A blimp
  • An arrow
  • A cruise ship
  • A bone
  • A beaker
  • A paw print
  • A shark
  • A bomb
  • A turkey
  • An airplane
  • A dinosaur
  • A filmstrip
  • A taxi cab
  • A starburst
  • Dripping slime

Then, one of the logos moves to the center of the screen and flips around to reveal a clip from the show that's up next, as the word "NEXT" fades in near one of its bottom corners.


  • Depending on the clip being shown, "NEXT" may be either white or orange to contrast against it.

Technique: 2D computer animation, along with the medium of the clip being shown.

Music/Sounds: Cartoon sound effects play throughout, i.e. a ship's horn blowing, a dog barking, an explosion, gargling, a car's horn honking, a splat, growling, bubbling, and an airplane flying by. An ascending slide whistle accompanies one of the logos moving to the center. Wendell Craig announces. A fitting sound effect may also correspond with the clip.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Danger Mouse 1: "Next on Nickelodeon, it's Danger Grouse! No, uh, Danger House. Danger Mouse! Hmm."
  • Danger Mouse 2: "Laugh with the world's greatest superhero! Danger Mouse is next on Nickelodeon!"
  • Dennis the Menace: (trumpet blares) "Next on Nickelodeon, it's Dennis the Menace!"
  • Lassie: "Stay tuned for... aww, Lassie. Next on Nickelodeon."
  • Out of Control: "Stick around, 'cause Out of Control is next, on Nickelodeon!"
  • Special Delivery: "Next on Nickelodeon: Special Delivery! Stay tuned."
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series: "Next, Star Trek is beaming in, here on Nickelodeon!"
  • Turkey Television: "Here comes Turkey Television, next on Nickelodeon!"
  • Mr. Wizard's World: "Next on Nickelodeon, it's..." (explosion) "! Uh, Mr. Wizard, next."

Availability: Extinct.

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