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1st Logo (2003?-2005)

Logo: TBA

Technique: TBA

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (September 24, 2005-September 28, 2009)


Logo: On a striped green background, we see multiple blocks fly to the center of the screen, while a live-action hand with what appears to be a remote with a version of Nickelodeon's splat logo, but it only has the words "NICK" on it. The hand hits the top right part of the remote, causing the blocks to move together to reveal that they have a part of a Nickelodeon character. The hand with the remote, this time with sections with a Nickelodeon character (Zoey Brooks from Zoey 101, and Drake Parker from Drake & Josh, etc.) it hits the square in the top right corner again, causing the blocks to form into a square and change into the Nick on Demand logo (which is the same Nickelodeon logo from the remote and the words "ON DEMAND" in a 1970s-esque font, with "ON" being on top of "DEMAND" and the "M" and "N" in "DEMAND" are connected).

Technique: The blocks are animated in CGI and the hand is animated in stop-motion.

Music/Sounds: A person saying "This is Nick on Demand", followed by a remix of the 1985 "Nick Nick Nick" jingle.

Availability: Extinct.

3rd Logo (September 28, 2009-March 10, 2017)

Logo: On a white background, the 2009 Nickelodeon logo (which is just shortened to "Nick") appears up close and scrolls to the left. Then it zooms out revealing "On Demand". Then the logo finishes.

Variant: On the Spanish version of Nick On Demand, the words "En Español" appear below "On Demand".

Technique: 3D animation.

Music/Sounds: Behind a dramatic backbeat, we hear an announcer say, "This is Nick on Demand!". On the Spanish version, another announcer says "¡Es Nick on Demand, en español! (This is Nick on Demand, in Spanish!)".

Availability: Extinct for the regular version. Uncommon for the Spanish version as it will show up on old Spanish dubbed episodes of TV shows (which still remain intact).

4th Logo (2014?-)

Logo: TBA

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Uncommon, seen on Nick On Demand episodes that have commercials still intact.

5th Logo (Late 2015-March 10, 2017)

Logo: On an orange background, we see a computer with one of Nickelodeon's current IDs in it. Then a tablet appears with another current ID in it. After that, a phone appears with another ID. Then two smaller phones appear, the first one having fake glasses with a plastic nose and mustache, while the other one has a super hero cat type mask with a paper flower. Then the logo cuts to black.

Technique: Mostly live action and stop motion for the objects appearing.

Music/Sounds: The last part of the current Nickelodeon jingle used at the time.

Availability: Extinct, was common before the 2017 rebrand, but was replaced with the 5th logo.

6th Logo (March 10, 2017-)


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