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CountDown103!!!, TheRealMarcel2000

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NickSkip was a possibly unused special feature intended for Nickelodeon DVDs. The system purported to play the program and certain bonus features automatically, similar to Disney's FastPlay. It is unknown which DVDs used this feature, if at all.

(2009 or 2010?)

Logo: The 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo animation, without the "PRODUCTIONS" text or copyright info, plays. After the animation ceases, a disc flies in, cutting off the "elodeon" part of the "nickelodeon" text. The remaining text moves over while the disc spins, and the word "skip" walks in. As the "nick" and "skip" texts come to their final positions, the disc becomes orange. Spotlights then appear on the logo for a brief time. To conclude, the logo bows.

Technique: CGI animation by Kevin Powell, while the first half was done by Trollbäck+Company.

Music/Sounds: A shortened version of the 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo music. After this, a male announcer (George DelHoyo) says "Nickelodeon designed this DVD with NickSkip technology. Your program will instantly play without delay. To exit the NickSkip experience at any time, please press the top menu button on your remote control. Enjoy!".

Availability: Unused. The logo was going to be used on Nickelodeon DVDs in 2009 or 2010, but this idea was later scrapped (likely due to the harsh criticism FastPlay got). The logo can be found on Kevin Powell's Vimeo account.

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