New Power Generation

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Not to be confused with Prince's 1990-2013 backing band of the same name.


Logo: A spinning gold-white-red ball dashes in while leaving a red trail, absorbing the whole screen after a few seconds. Then, an outlined "POWER" in a similar format as the last logo wipes in, followed by "NEW" and "GENERATION" in a Balloon font fading in on the top left and bottom right of "POWER" respectively. The latter word gains color and not long after, a duplicate of it wobbles. Several seconds later, it stops. Then, "präsentiert:" slides in underneath from the right and towards the left. The logo is then packaged back into a ball, twisting a few times and zooming out.

Technique: The ball spinning and zooming in; "POWER" wobbling; the text fading and sliding.

Music/Sounds: An airplane whoosh sound when the ball flies in, transitioning into a space-like warble as "POWER" wipes in. After it appears, a funky synth bass theme plays in the background and then a gunshot when the other words appear. A robotic voice then says "Power Video" and other unknown phrases, followed by applause. Then, a quiter airplane whoosh plays as "präsentiert:" slides in and then a car driving as the ball zooms out.

Availability: Unknown.

Power Video Filmproduktion
New Power Generation
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