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Descriptions by
bigladiesman and Henrynguye5

Captures by

Editions by
Julia the Kamichama Karin Fan, Henrynguye5‎ and BlueMickey634

Video captures courtesy of
Plum Meimad, Telewizorek, Yohanes Salomo and GrischaDJ TWO


Neptuno Films is a Spanish animation company based in Terrassa (province of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), and founded in 1991. In the beginning, it was some kind of sister company to D'Ocon Films (it was founded by Josep Viciana, co-founder of d'Ocon). The studio is going through the liquidation process since 2017.

1st Logo (1994-2006?)

Logo: We see an animated view of the sea at sunrise. Suddenly, an animated, happy-looking god Neptune in a cartoony form emerges from the water and with a movement of his trident magically creates from the water the blue words "NEPTUNO FILMS" (except from the letter "T", which is represented by a shiny golden anchor). Neptune rests his right elbow on the letters, looks directly at the camera, and winks.

Variant: Sometimes in 1999, the company website appears below the logo.

Technique: Typically limited animation from D'Ocon Films, combining traditional cel animation with computerized elements. In Spain, some people call it "Viciana Style".

Music/Sounds: A triumphant synth jingle, combined with some water and whooshing sounds.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on some Neptuno Films productions like Balin, Detective Bogey, The Three Little Bears and some airings and releases of Connie the Cow.

2nd Logo (2002, 2005-2010)

Logo: On a zooming starry black-light purple gradient background, a spinning yellow abstract sun comes into view, with curved ends and a bright center. As it reaches the top of the screen, it emits a bright flash as it unfurls and a blue background appears and wipes in by an ocean effect. The tips of the sun, now forming waves, moves to the left as the yellow background fills up the white, and "NEPTUNO" appears by an ocean effect in blue. This is followed by "F I L M S" and a top of a box by the same effect and 2 white auras on the bottom of the screen then collide together to form the URL. The name then flashes one by one as the waves move down, bends, and zoom in the logo rises up and a shadow suddenly pops up, in the meantime also inverting the colors of the URL. The logo fades out.


  • The logo would come in either the standard 4:3 version (seen on full-screen prints) or the widescreen 16:9 version.
  • On 2020 - Máxima Audiencia (the first cartoon to use this logo), the sun rises on a black background, while the ocean wipe effect comes earlier coloring the background in blue. The animation for the letters and the top of the box are very different, and the URL is written in Arial Italic.
  • Exists a short version where the URL is absent.
  • A in-credit version exists.

Technique: Flash animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the first logo.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on later Neptuno productions, such as Noggin airings of Connie the Cow and BabyFirstTV airings of Dougie in Disguise. Strangely, due to the editing error, the short version of the logo appears at the end of some episodes of Danny & Daddy on BabyFirstTV, despite Dougie in Disguise was removed from the channel's lineup. It also appeared at the end of some episodes of Miffy and Friends on Noggin back in 2007, likely a mess-up on their part. This logo was first shown on 2020 - Máxima Audiencia when it aired during the "Megatrix" block on Antena 3.

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