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(Late 2000s?-Early 2010s?)

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Logo: On a cloudy sky, we see a blue and white shape rotate and zoom out to reveal itself to be a multicolor CD while another shape, which is red metallic text reading "NEELAM", flies in from the left and moves close to and in front of the CD. We fly past behind both objects before suddenly jerking and flying out again as the logo turns to face us. Two words, in the Lithos Black font, reading "AUDIO" and "VIDEO", in pink and green respectively and separated by a grey hyphen, then drop down from the "NEELAM" text before the word "digital", in black, is written with a pixel-stretch effect.

Technique: CGI and 2D text animation.

Music/Sounds: A low-quality version of the main theme for Battlestar Galactica.

Availability: Seen on at least one release, which is Mamta.

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