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Nawmal (formerly known as Xtra-normal. and Xtranormal) is a Canadian digital entertainment company based in Montreal, Canada, that produces do-it-yourself animation software for the web and desktop and turns words from a script into an animated movie using text-to-speech and animation technologies. Originally launched in September 2008, it was a major success at YouTube until July 31, 2013, in which Xtranormal would shut down, which they encouraged users to complete and download their unfinished movies before that date. The company would eventually come back and change to its current name in April 2015.


(September-October 16?, 2008)

Logo: On a black background, we see "xtra-" typing in one-by-one, which then spaces to "normal." The logo then slides to the left and the word "production" appears, which is smaller. All of the text are in a white color.

Technique: The typing and the sliding.

Music/Sounds: Typewriter sounds followed by what sounds like a printer printing and a thud noise when "production" appears.

Availability: Ultra rare. It only appeared on Xtra-normal. videos from the period.


1st Logo (October 16?, 2008-2010)

Logo: On a white background, we see the words "If you can type, you can make movies." typing on their own. A Windows XP cursor then drags a camera icon between "can" and "make", as we flip to the logo from before in gray, but without the hyphen or the period. "Text-to-Movie" appears along with the URL which wipes in, as the background then gets a grid-like pattern.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo is choppy, as this was common during its early usage.

Technique: Standard 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common, Seen on almost every single Xtranormal video from 2008-2010.

Legacy: This is a memorable logo for people who saw Xtranormal videos at the time.

2nd Logo (2010-July 31, 2013)

Logo: In a stylized whiteboard with flying stylized "X"s and "N"s, the word "normal" in the same font as the last two logos slides to the center, followed by "xtra" sliding to the left and forming the name. Then, a stylized puffy "XN" starts draws themselves in, followed by "text-to-movie", sliding to the screen to the center, in which the logo ends.

Variant: During the logo's first year, the logo is choppier and is in 4:3, and starts when the stylized "XN" draw themselves.

Technique: Standard 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Uncommon. It can be seen on almost every single Xtranormal video from 2010-2013.


(April 2015-November 2016)

Nawmal (2015).png

Logo: In a dark gray background, we see a pink circle in the center with a white "n" inside, above the circle is a gray button with a play icon in the right side, we also see the words "namwal" typing in one-by-one like the 1st logo but with a pink insertion point, when the words finish typing, the insertion point disappears, which the play button gets clicked on and flashes to a light gray color before becoming gray again.

Variant: a 4:3 version exists.

Technique: The typing and the clicking of the play icon.

Music/Sounds: Typewriter sounds in which ends with a 5 low note theme and a click sound when the play icon is clicked.

Availability: Rare, Seen on Nawmal videos until November 2016.

Final Note: This outro is the last to be used on any Xtra-normal., Xtranormal or Nawmal video. Starting in December 2016, no Xtra-normal., Xtranormal or Nawmal video on videos created using the software used an outro ever since.

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