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lukesams, D.L. Chandell and Megadeth99

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1st (Known) Logo (1970s-1980s)

Nickname: "The Sliding/Locking Arrows"

Logo: On a black background, we see a red "N" and the sky blue letters "P", "C", and "T" (all in a bold, blocky font) slide in place from different directions. After that, a sky blue triangle slides and locks in place between the "P" and the "C" to represent the letter "A". Then, arrows slide (towards each other) into the letters "P" (from the left, stemming from the red "N" as to create a hyphen/dash), "A" (from below) and "C" (from the right). Finally, when the lock-formation of the arrows is completed, the following words pop in below the triangle "A":


Variant: A still version exists.

FX/SFX: The letters, triangle, and arrows sliding into locked positions; the full company name popping in.

Music/Sounds: A deep, dark three-chord synthesized tune led by a hard percussive instrument (sounding off and synchronizing each locked position) chord in synchronization with each of the three parts of the animated sequence), concluded by four soft, quick low-octave synth notes.

Availability: Extinct (on television).

Editor's Note: Like WETA's 1st logo, this logo goes well with PBS' 1971 logo thanks to the design, animation, music, and the font for the bottom text.

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