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Nastoyashcheye Strashnoye Televidyniye (English: Real Scary Television) is an all-Russian TV channel that broadcasts films and series in the genres of horror, thriller, mysticism, science fiction and black humor. It was a member of the NKS Media media holding. In 2015, after the merge of the assets of VGTRK and Rostelecom, the channel became part of the digital television package of thematic TV channels.

1st ID (Branding ID) (2006-August, 2011)

Logo: We see a close-up of several white lines on a black background. More lines start crossing as we zoom out. As it zooms out, it reveals it's making the cyrillic letters "H" and "T" in a white outline. When the letters are done forming, a white spotlight pans between the letters, revealing a shadow that looks like the cyrillic letter "C". It jitters and the light starts to spaz out as a red version of the letter "C" plasters the shadow. Red smoke can be seen behind the letter "C" as the letter starts to drip blood. The website ( can be shown in white below the "HCT".

Technique: Mostly decent animation.

Music/Sounds: A few sword slashing sounds, a suspense-like sound effect which was interrupted by the sound of thunder, a girl screaming when the "C" jitters, and the sound of blood dripping with an ominous chime theme. Also, a dramatic orchestral theme was heard throughout the logo.

Avaiability: Extinct. It was only used as a branding ID for the channel.

Legacy: This probably has scared many Russians due to the jarring noises, the ominous animation and the dramatic music. The darkness may also contribute. This was most likely intentional, since this is a horror-related company.

2nd ID (August, 2011-2014)

Logo: We see live-action footage of people (who are usually alone) getting murdered (see variants). Then, the HCT logo is shown.


  • Chainsaw: We see a couple walking in a shack with a shelf that includes a destroyed doll and a metal sphere. Then we go into a first-person POV and see scenes of a guy with a chainsaw. The chainsaw man opens the door and walks towards the couple, who are making out. The chainsaw starts, the couple screams and when it's about to show us the aftermath, we see "HCT" on a wooden surface with light coming out of it.
  • Forest: We start off seeing the night sky with the moon. Then, the camera moves downwards to a forest during the day. We see a girl running and jumping over bushes in the forest, as if we are, in first-person view, whatever is chasing her. She trips and we zoom into her worried face. We keep zooming in until we are shown a tree's bark with the HCT logo inside an orange circle on a black background.
  • Psycho: We are shown a women taking a shower with several close-ups of her face. We then notice a person walking towards her. He opens the curtain and stabs her (not shown) as the HCT logo is shown on the shower window with a ton of water droplets from the shower.
  • Parking Lot: TBA.

Technique: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant.

Avaiability: Extinct.

Legacy: This one is even worse than the branding ID because of the disturbing imagery (which is fortunately not shown, but is still heavily implied), the sounds, the overall environment, and the dark theme. Again, this was most likely intentional.

3rd ID (2014-2015)

HCT 2014.png

Logo: We see a room with a tiled floor and two lights hanging up. The lights blink, causing a transparent face with glowing eyes to appear. Then we see another transparent face screaming. A black sphere forms, similar to the 20th THX Trailer, which reveals the "HCT". It stops forming, making a black circle.

Technique: 3D animation and live-action.

Music/Sounds: Some somber piano notes along with the blinking of lights, then a distorted sound.

Music/Sounds Variant: On trailers for upcoming programs, it has the program theme. Most likely, an announcer would say something.

Availability: It can be seen on trailers available on their YouTube channel. Extinct on television.

Legacy: Another logo that likely scared its audience. The horrifying faces, along with the ominous sounds and the darkness is enough to scare anyone. Yet again, it's intentional, and it is tamer than the last two logos.

4th ID (2015-April 14th, 2021)

HCT 2020.png

Logo: The camera zooms out to a white door with 2 railings on each side. The door opens to reveal a night sky with the moon behind "HCT" . A few trees can be seen, along with clouds and fog.

Technique: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: A piano.

Availability: See the previous logo.

Legacy: This is also off putting to some due to the piano, though it is again intentional.

5th ID (April 4th, 2021-)


  • Morning ID: On a black background with blue lights on the wall making 8 diamonds, we see a close-up of the face of a human with a Jason-like mask. We then see another close-up, but it's his mouth (covered by the mask). We then see his entire face with the current HCT logo glitching.
  • Afternoon ID: Similar as the Morning ID, but this time, it's a person in a gas mask. The close-up starts at the mouth (with emphasis on the spikes) and then the eye. The background is the same as before, but with a few tilted purple lasers which switch to green when the HCT logo appears like last time, but in green.
  • Evening ID: Similar to the previous IDs, but it's a face where half of the face is a skeleton and lights shows up everywhere. The close-up starts at the left eye, and then the teeth. The background is yellow with yellow tilted lasers and the HCT logo is in yellow.
  • Night ID: This time, it's a black plastic skeleton with glowing red outlines resembling a sugar skull and a cowboy hat. The close-up starts at the left eye, and then the teeth. The background is dark, but with red & blue lasers (the red lasers are tilted like the Evening ID, while the blue lasers are tilted in a different direction), which flicker. The HCT logo is in red.

Technique: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: New generation low-tone music, as well as phone beeping noises.

Avaiability: Current.

Legacy: This might creep some due to the imagery, but it's much tamer than the last four logos. It's a pretty decent set of IDs overall.

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