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NOS is a Dutch public service broadcaster founded in 1956.

1st Logo (1970s)

NOS (1970s).png

Note: You can view this logo here.

Logo: On a black background, the NOS logo appears letter-by-letter via a trailing effect. The logo is then filled in with green via the same trailing effect. And then the we see copies of a red-outlined version of the NOS logo.

Technique: The trailing.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: The trailing effects and the synth music can scare some.

2nd Logo (1981-1984)

NOS (1981-1984).png

Note: You can view this logo here.

Logo: The letters "NOS" turn around at 180 degrees. Then they fall to their side, after which they turn at 180 degrees again, after which they fall again.

Technique: The moving.

Music/Sounds: A violin and bell tune, followed by an announcer saying "Dit is de NOS op Nederland 1".

Availability: Extinct.

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