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The NEC 98MULTI CanBe PC-9821 is a PC compatible all-in-one based on the Intel Pentium processor.


NEC 98MULTi CanBe (1995).png

Logo: Over a blue background, we see a grainy, low resolution picture of the NEC 98MULTI CanBe PC-9821 computer model. In the top-left corner is the NEC logo in white, with the text "PC-9800シリーズ" below having an underline. The screen of the computer is in turquoise. In a few seconds, a pink, blue and yellow bee mascot comes out of the screen and flies to the right side of it. Later, the bee stops flying and stands looking at the camera and smiling. The logo of the model, being "CanBe" in a bold, cartoonish white font shown with a triangular shape having "98MULTi" above and the Japanese translation of CanBe below. A while after the BIOS boot information pops up below in the screen.

Technique: Sprite animation.

Music/Sounds: An FM-synthesized guitar strum when the screen appears.

Availability: Ultra rare, as the model was only sold in Japan along with the other PC-9800 computers, and due to the fact that it was an unique all-in-one model.

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