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Mushroom Pictures was an Australian film production and distribution company that was part of the Mushroom Records group.

1st Logo (February 23-August 3, 2000)

Mushroom Pictures (2000).jpg

Logo: We see a skyline of Sydney, Australia, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. There are grey clouds in the background, and a river beneath. A helicopter flies to the left of the city. Suddenly, a bright flash occurs and covers the whole screen. When the flash dims out, we see a mushroom cloud explosion destroy all of the city including the landmarks. Once the city is destroyed, the letter "M" zooms in quickly, and other letters zoom in quickly and form the text "MUSHROOMPICTURES". The scene briefly fades to footage of a nuclear explosion at night and cuts to a rapid montage of images (most of them are psychedelic):

  • A rainbow-colored fractal spiral
  • An orange, blue and pink fractal arc
  • A fractal spiral with the shades of blue
  • A weird-looking black and red shape
  • A radially-blurred image of the yellow dandelion
  • Rainbow fractal circles over the blue background
  • A red and yellow background
  • The same fractal spiral with the shades of blue
  • A different orange, blue and pink fractal arc
  • An orange, green, and blue triangle background
  • A rotating starry background with a big star in the middle
  • A radially-blurred image of a rose
  • And radially-blurred footage of a blinking eye

The eye then zooms into the screen quickly, leaving the text "MUSHROOMPICTURES" on a black background.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: After we hear a helicopter sound, an abridged version of "Breakout No. 9" by Jack Trombey from the De Wolfe Music library (also used in Golden Princess Amusement's logo) is heard combined with explosions and whooshes.

Availability: Only seen on Chopper and Cut.

2nd Logo (January 24, 2005)

Mushroom Pictures (2005).jpg

Logo: On a snow-covered space background, we see an aurora moving around. A few seconds later, the text "MUSHROOMPICTURES" fades in with a blurry effect, like it's emerged from the aurora.

Technique: The snow, the aurora. Again, mostly CGI.

Music/Sounds: Jingling bells are heard throughout the logo. A weird space sound is heard when the text fades in.

Availability: Only seen on the controversial 2005 horror film Wolf Creek.

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