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Background was initially created by Oleg Kuvaev as a website that posted the Masyanya episodes. In January 2002, Oleg Kuvaev opened an animation studio of the same name together with Natalia Kruse. The studio also worked on two other popular animated webseries: Shop Bo (Магазинчик Бо) and Jerzy and Petruchio (Ежи и Петруччо). In 2006, the studio was dissolved due to a conflict in the team. After the conflict, Kuvaev moved to Israel, where he still lives today. is currently still used as a vanity card of Oleg Kuvaev.

1st logo (October 22, 2001- )

Logo: On a white background, an orange splat with 2 eyes looking down is placed. Below the eyes there is the "" URL address, and below the splat, we see "Олег Куваев" (Russian name of the owner) and/or ЕЩЁ РАЗ ("Play again", used in the Flash-era cartoons).


  • On YouTube prints of some of the early Masyanya episodes, the logo spins for a while until it stops.
  • There is also a variant for Shop Bo, where it doesn't have eyes, and has "СТУДИЯ" and "МУЛЬТ.РУ" instead of the URL.
  • There is a variant used on the "Новогодний обход" episode of Masyanya: the splat is placed on a dark-gray background and doesn't have eyes. Below the splat and Oleg Kuvaev's name, the "С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!!!" (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!) text is placed.
  • A variant was used on the YouTube prints of the Таблетки на Блюхера episode of Masyanya: Blucher the Rabbit costume's head (the costume itself is a part of the episode) falls down to the right side of the logo.

Music/Sounds: None, or the ending theme. On the Masyanya early episodes' YouTube prints, we hear a 2 note triumphant fanfare.

Technique: None, or spinning.

Availability: Seen on Masyanya and Shop Bo.

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