Moxie Turtle

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Descriptions by
Silversword55, Spidey016, and Shadeed A. Kelly

Editions by
Silversword55, curiousgeorge60, mr3urious, Shadeed A. Kelly, wolfie14 and BaltyRaven


Moxie Turtle was a production company founded by African-American singer, rapper and producer André "3000" Benjamin, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company wound up only have one production, Class of 3000.

(November 3, 2006-May 25, 2008)

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Logo: On an off-white background, a live-action turtle runs. When it passes the middle, "MOXiE.", with some green floral patterns, appears at the top with the byline "A CREATIVE COMPANY" below.

Technique: The turtle, which is stop-motion, and the patterns appearing.

Music/Sounds: Some cartoon race car sounds, followed by a little girl saying "That turtle is fast!" accompanied by a heavenly choir.

Availability: Can be seen on Class of 3000.

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