Mother Studio Films

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Descriptions by
Vcfl99, Julian.Dee, DatuDimatablan

Editions by
DisneyInternationalFan, DatuDimatablan


Logo: On a black background with many spots in varying shades of blue, the arched words "MOTHER Studio" (in a fuchsia script font with a white outline) fly from the bottom right of the screen, turning counter-clockwise while in motion. As that text stops moving, "presents" fades in below in white. Then, three white sparkles appear one by one on the company name: under the "d", on the upper right corner of the "M", and on the upper right corner of the "R".

Technique: The animation.

Variant: A shorter version has the logo end after "presents" fades in. Seen on Starzan II (1989).

Music/Sounds: A short "heroic" fanfare, followed by four "ding" sounds, the last three synchronised with the sparkles.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Ang Tange Kong Pag-Ibig (1996), a creepy, yet dreamy synth music that also plays on the MovieArts Films logo was used. This music carries over to the M-ZET Films logo.
  • On Sa Iyo Ang Langit, Sa Akin Ang Lupa (1996), the spots in the logo's background are green instead of blue, and there is no music.
  • On Medrano, the trail end of the Regal Films "Crown in Space" logo plays the theme, follwed by the harp sounds was heard.
  • On Daddy’s Angel, an uninspired synth fanfare with warbling sound was heard.

Availability: Rare. Can be found on Filipino movies like Starzan II (1989), Super Mouse and the Robo-Rats (1989), Banana Split (1991), Ang Tange Kong Pag-Ibig (1996), and Medrano (1996).

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