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Monkey Bar Games was a division of Vicious Cycle Software, founded in 2005 to create family friendly video games.

(October 13, 2005-June 5, 2012)

Logo: On a blue, rotating burst, we zoom out to see "MONKEY BAR" and "GAMES" in yellow with a black shadow on top and bottom of a circle with a yellow outline. After the circle zooms out slowly, a picture of a cartoon monkey head falls and lands on the circle, eventually bouncing on it a few times while shaking slightly.


  • Sometimes, after the logo finishes, we fade to the next logo.
  • On Madagascar 3: The Video Game, the logo is still on a black background.

Technique: The circle rotating and the monkey head falling and bouncing.

Music/Sounds: Drum rolls when the circle zooms, and then a gong sound when the monkey head lands on the shape, and ending with a monkey chittering. On some games like Curious George, the ending has kids laughing. None for the still version.

Availability: Seen on most games from Monkey Bar Games including Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet, Curious George, Flushed Away, Despicable Me: The Game, and Madagascar 3: The Video Game. However, this logo does not appear on their last video games, such as Turbo: Super Stunt Squad.

Legacy: The monkey's head zooming out of nowhere can startle some if you weren't expecting it.

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